Transcendent Doctors

The Digital Future of Healthcare

For us, the concept of patient care is more than just a hot topic; it is our lifeblood. 

The medical practitioners on our team have firsthand knowledge of the methods needed to arrive at safe, accurate data points that best serve your valued patients.

We focus on digital pathology because it offers unprecedented ability to coalesce medical data from various channels and massively improve the patient experience.

We consult on the following types of projects:

Clinical Pathology
  • Clinical Chemistry

  • Hematology

  • Urinalysis and Fecal Analysis

  • Body Fluids Analysis

  • Cytology

  • Endocrinology


Anatomic Pathology
  • Gross Examinations

  • Microscopic Examinations

  • Surgical Pathology

  • Molecular Pathology Testing


Specialty Pathology 
  • Toxicologic Pathology

  • Developmental and Reproductive Pathology (DART)

  • Oncologic Pathology 


Forensics and Investigative Pathology
  • Toxicology services

  • Education and training in select mediolegal matters

  • Veterinary forensics analysis and necropsies

See here to find out more about ​our research pharmacology and pharm-tox services!

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