Education and Training

We understand the complexities of teaching and learning in the biomedical and biotech sectors

We offer interdisciplinary education and training in science and medicine for education clients through our service brand, Pathogeny® Health Education Systems.  This customized education integrates with our research and clinical services, and is available to colleges, universities, corporate, government and non-government organizations. 

Staff need training in pathology techniques?  Setting up a pathology or histology laboratory? Is immunohistochemistry in your immediate future?  Contact us and we will find the best solution to suit you.  

Organizational Leadership Training (Healthcare and Laboratory Management)

You're not alone.

Organizations all require leadership, and those leaders need people insight and emotional intelligence.  We can help.  We offer services to client organizations to improve professional opportunities to their top talent, especially in medicine and science.  Our team and partners can provide education, training and professional seminars on business governance topics, including but not limited to leadership development, managerial communication, public speaking, team building, collaboration, change management, strategy, organizational development, talent management, leveraging diversity, cultural strategy, ethics, value-based organizational goals setting, and leading global business strategies.