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Tuskegee Veterinarians Making Headlines in Alabama

Dr. Athema C. Etzioni

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Transcendent Pathology pathologists are on the front lines of medicine and education.  Our Clinical Pathologist, Dr. Athema C. Etzioni is making headlines as she helps to prepare the next generation of veterinary medical doctors.  Read more about Dr. Etzioni and Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine in this expose in the Birmingham Times.

Transcendent Pathology is pleased to announce that one of our Executive Senior Pathologists, Dr. Monique Wells and the Wells International Foundation (WIF), produced and hosted a conference on Women's Leadership:  The Successful Woman-Lifestyle, Legacy, and Leading by Example, in Paris, France, March 7-8, 2019 at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome.  We are very proud of Dr. Wells, her accomplishments, and the laudable goals of WIF.  Congratulations Monique!  We will continue to look for your stellar progress now and in the future!

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The Successful Woman


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