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Transcendent Pathology, offers leadership development for veterinary medical professionals and biomedical scientists, and we would be happy to arrange a customized experience for your team.  We offer experiences for your team in all major aspects of leadership, professional and personal development, business strategy, business management, and and organizational leadership.  Our leadership categories, include, but are not limited to:


  • happiness

  • being lean

  • inner work life

  • cultural sensitivity

  • authentic leadership

  • leadership birth gifts

  • inclusive workplaces

  • emotional intelligence

  • recapturing compassion

  • happiness and leadership

  • communicating effectively

  • bringing out the best in others

  • celebrating your unique being

  • organizational change management

  • embracing and understanding difference

  • mindfulness and lovingkindness in the workplace


We also have a special presentation and message entitled, “For the 1 in 6,” which speaks to the current state of depression and suicide in the veterinary profession and steps we can take to change it.


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Got Lean?


There are so many hot topics in veterinary medicine right now.


Dr. Henry and her team can help your organization to rethink how you communicate your brand value to internal and external stakeholders, and how you can apply “Emotional Intelligence” and “Lean practices”  to help your team to bring out the best in themselves and others.  


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The Doctor As Teacher: Bringing Out The Best In Others


  • Are you solving communication problems by employing Aesculapian authority?


  • Do you understand how the inner work life of others affects creativity and productivity?


  • Are you curious about how Lean techniques can reduce wasted effort and improve productivity in your workplace?


The best leaders have extraordinary emotional intelligence (EQ); meaning that they have developed a highly intuitive ability to objectively concentrate on the context of a variety of situations, and have a strong inner sense of themselves and that of others. We highlight 4 ways to increase inclusion of client and team education into the veterinary visit, and show how a great teacher can effectively galvanize an organization as a champion of continuous improvement through the prudent use of intelligence and authority.

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Got happiness?


“Leading to Happiness: The Science of Happiness and the Art of Leading Others to Transcendence.”


The science of happiness shows that leaders have the capacity to modulate their habits and biases to overcome challenges within themselves, and help others to achieve the same. This presentation is intended for medical and scientific professional development, and addresses how authentic leadership can promote happiness within those touched by its presence.  


We present and discuss the role of applied leadership principles on inner work life, triangulated working relationships, and the hierarchy of basic human needs, both inside and outside of the organization.  Learning to harness the power of leadership intelligences will help to strengthen these characteristics in team members, leading to improved health and happiness of employees, customers, and patients.


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