Transcendent Pathology's laboratory is located at 11100 Endeavor Court, Suite 133, Manassas, VA.  Transcendent Pathology is located in Innovation Park near George Mason University Science and Technology Campus and other high caliber biotechnology enterprises and entities such as the FBI Northern Virginia Resident Agency, the Virginia Forensics Lab, American Type Culture Collection and Corning Life Sciences.  

Transcendent Pathology, is a translational research and veterinary diagnostic enterprise, created to advance and accelerate translational research and medicine for clients across the biomedical spectrum; with the ultimate goals of advancing patient care, eliminating disease, and reducing health-related suffering worldwide. Transcendent Pathology is a proud member of Virginia Bio. 

The company’s physician scientists deliver over 150 years of combined experience in clinical, research, and academic arenas, giving client teams the leverage they often need when planning and executing translational science projects. Additionally, Transcendent Pathology offers veterinary diagnostics for veterinary clinical medicine, aquatic medicine, wildlife, and zoo medicine specialists.  

Due to the nature of diagnostic services, we offer a customized approach to serving our clients.  What type of service do you require?

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